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Which Hot Water Cylinder in Auckland You Should Buy

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Which Hot Water Cylinder in Auckland You Should Buy

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When you are looking for a hot water cylinder in Auckland, it can be difficult to decide which option is best for you. From wetbacks to mains, there are several different types which each have their own unique benefits.

This article will outline the main types of H2O heating systems on offer to help you make an informed purchase.



An outdoor hot water cylinder in Auckland is the perfect choice for those living in small homes and need to save space. They are installed on the outside of the home and are carefully crafted to stay strong against the natural elements while delivering consistent, perfectly heated H2O to your property. A solar or heat pump connection can be added to the tank to improve its environmental sustainability.



A solar hot water cylinder in Auckland suits those looking for an environmentally-friendly and cost and energy-efficient H2O heating tank. It harnesses the natural power of the sun to deliver efficient and warm H2O whilst reducing energy consumption by a whopping 70%. The tanks can be placed on roofs or on walls indoors or outdoors.



The mains pressure H2O heating system is the most modern and powerful on the market. It delivers the highest level of H2O pressure for a strong, pleasant shower and a fast tap speed. The main drawback to getting a mains pressure system is the cost – they can be quite expensive.


Low pressure

A low pressure hot water cylinder in Auckland is a cheaper alternative to a mains pressure system and is suitable for people looking for better shower pressure without the hefty price tag. While the tap pressure isn’t quite as strong as the mains system, it is still quite good.


Heat pump

A heat pump is the optimal choice for those living in icy cold climates – they work in temperatures as cold as -10 degrees Celsius! They work by taking the heat in the air into the tank and heating up the H2O. They are a cost-effective and energy-efficient means of heating your H2O, using just 1/3 of the energy that an electric tank would. You may also be able to access government rebates for your purchase.


Pool & spa

Heating up your pool and spa during the colder seasons is a great way to get the most amount of use out of them. A hot water cylinder in Auckland can be used both indoors and outdoors in order to heat up your pool and spa, and may come with a child lock to help keep your kids safe.



A gas hot water cylinder in Auckland is a bit different to the rest – it only warms up the H2O when it is needed, rather than doing it constantly. This means it can save you energy and costs in the long-run. It’s a great option for properties which aren’t used regularly, like holiday homes and community centres.



A wetback is generally used as a supplement to the current H2O heating system, boosting warm H2O during the cold seasons. It is a pipe arrangement which uses an external source of heat, such as a firebox, to help warm up the H2O. Firewood is a renewable resource which may provide an environmentally-friendly means of heating your H2O.



Getting a hot water cylinder in Auckland is an excellent way to heat up your H2O quickly, reliably and with ease. Make sure you choose an option which best fits your needs and lifestyle. Feel free to get in touch with a nearby provider for more personalised assistance.


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