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What You Learn About Life After Working In A Supermarket

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What You Learn About Life After Working In A Supermarket

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Not many of you are proud of their first jobs, as they either indulge in it with a chaotic mind or either they were left with no good options. But you will certainly state otherwise if your first job was working in the supermarket, or perhaps you’re still working there because it simply makes you learn a lot.

Check out what one learns after engaging into adulthood responsibilities;


  • Time value after working during anti-social time

This could be the worst feeling for someone who’s been constantly giving up on his/her weekends. When in fact everyone knows that nights are made for parties and mornings for hangovers! Working in Woolies market will definitely teach you to value your time more and embrace it. It can be heartbreaking to say no to friends but what’s more important than becoming a responsible human, and also valuing the free time once the stocking up in the market is done. You then start finding that free time to be much sweeter and invest in yourself, which you use to rather waste on social media stalking someone.


There are of course different kinds of job, for different kinds of wages, belonging to different kind of people. Through this diversity of work, the first pay from the supermarket, if you happen to work there, would remain special. Since you are getting paid for working for people on a personal level, you get paid for interactions and being kind, you get paid for smiling and being affable. Whether if you are working there whole time or if you are working as a student, the supermarket experience is sure to teach you a lot regarding yourself. You even discover the amount of patience you could have even if the customer is giving you a hard time. Supermarket prepares you for the real world.


  • You learn the value of nutrients and food

Many might think supermarket is a waste of time, when in fact it is not. You surely develop your own perspective. Although you are doing it for the money but you will come out with immense knowledge regarding the products and food industry. And this is certainly a very valuable knowledge one could have as our existence depends on it. Also you learn how the stock room is filled with products given by the same provider, but is priced differently. Now imagine how helpful this could turn out to be when you are shopping out and are confused between the price war among the products. So guess what, working in a super market is not only benefitting you, but your entire family as they will have ample of knowledge regarding the food.


  • Customer could be wrong and that’s completely okay

You will realise this at the very first day of your job, and it’s something you will have to deal with till the time you work in the supermarket. But nevertheless you will learn to be more assertive, patient and will be prepared to deal with people who are short tempered.



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