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Teeth Giving You Grief In Mulgrave?

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Teeth Giving You Grief In Mulgrave?

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Are your teeth giving you trouble? Are you in Mulgrave or in or around the City of Monash? Here’s a list of teeth troubles that can be treated by dentists in Mulgrave.

Routine Check-ups

Although the idea of visiting the dentist is daunting for some people, routine dental check-ups should be part of your basic health routine. A routine check-up will generally start with a basic oral examination to detect cavities, decay or gum disease. Once the dentist is satisfied your teeth are healthy and don’t require any follow-up treatments or x-rays, they will perform a clean to remove plaque, tartar and scale.

Whilst you are there, particularly for younger children they will perform a bite evaluation to ensure there are no other underlying issues which may cause problems down the track, or that might require the fitting of braces or aligners.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are by far the most common restorative dental procedure. Once a cavity is detected it is important that a dental filling is put in place as quickly as possible in order to prevent spreading and further damage to the tooth or root. The most common material these days for dental fillings are composite resin or porcelain and these fillings can be performed by your dentist in Mulgrave.


Quite often accidents can lead to teeth damage that is not practical or able to be repaired. When this occurs, an extraction may be required. There can also be instances where cavities have progressed past the stage of being able to be repaired by a simple filling. In this instance root canal therapy may or may not be an option. For many people, simple removal of the problem tooth from the gumline is the cheapest, simplest and quickest way to solve their problem.


A dental crown is a dental device used to cap over an existing tooth which will serve as a prosthetic tooth to replace the old tooth. Provided the affected tooth still has part of it about the gumline, this can be filed down to have a crown sleeved and bonded over the top of it.

Root Canal

A root canal is another common dental procedure that can be performed by making a booking with your dentist in Mulgrave. A root canal is a procedure that is required when the pulp inside the centre of the tooth has become infected. If this is left untreated, it can lead to a painful abscess which can affect the integrity of the bone structure around the teeth and jawline. After performing a root canal your dentist may also put a crown on that tooth to help protect it from repeated damage.


Full or partial dentures are for people who have lost most or all of their teeth and can be fitted by your dentist in Mulgrave. Dentures can be removed to be cared for and with proper care, they should last for ten years.


Braces are used to align teeth in a more aesthetically pleasing alignment and as such making them easier to maintain and clean. These can be easily fitted by making an appointment with your dentist in Mulgrave. 80% of braces are fitted for patients under the age of 18. They are also used to adjust issues with a person’s bite or that may affect a person’s speech.

These are just a list of the most common dental procedures that can be performed by your dentist in Mulgrave. If you have any other further enquiries or dental needs, then get in touch with them today.

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