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How To Find The Best Paella Eateries in Sydney

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How To Find The Best Paella Eateries in Sydney

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How do you know if you’ve stumbled upon one of the best paella eateries in Sydney or just a below average one?

What defines this delicious Spanish dish and how can patrons around the city locate an outlet that will satisfy their taste buds and their stomachs in equal measure?

The good news in 2018 is that there are new restaurants and eateries of Spanish food opening up with greater frequency, although they do face stiff competition from foreign cuisines that have more history in the area.

From the Hills District to the Inner West, the Northern Beaches and the Eastern Suburbs, there will be individuals, couples, friends groups and families who will desire a quality paella dish amongst themselves.

Let us look at some key strategies to help you locate an eatery that ticks all of the relevant boxes, most notably a serving that wins you over after every visit.



Top Customer Reviews

To begin on your journey to discovering the best paella in Sydney, you should take note of the online customer reviews from locals and tourists alike. Spanish cuisine is still a delicacy that is not as widespread in the market as contemporary outlets such as Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian or Indian restaurants.

So before you venture out into the city without any type of gauge, utilize your desktop or mobile phone to run a quick analysis. From search engines that will let you know which paella spots are ranked highest to shared economy apps that go into further depth about user ratings, this will be the ideal starting point.


Rice Specialists

In Spain, there are restaurants that are classified as an arroceria, an outlet that is known as a rice specialist. To find the best paella eateries in Sydney, it is important to walk through the door of an establishment that offers authentic and quality rice. This forms the foundation of any quality dish as the other ingredients compliment the juicy but well cooked rice.


2-Person Minimum Tables

It is almost impossible to provide a paella dish that is ideally suited to just one person at one table. The best paella eateries in Sydney will be the ones that manage to set a minimum requirement on a table to two people because the scope of a paella pan requires more ingredients to be included. When it is cooked back in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona, it is often made for families and party events. Making small portions of paella is difficult and often the quality waivers in that instance.


Locally Sourced Fish

Whilst rice is paramount to a finding the best paella eateries in Sydney, the fish is the other ingredient that helps to define a dish. Fortunately Sydney is well renowned for accessing some of the most delicious seafood delicacies anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere, so you should inquire whether or not the establishment sources their fish from the Sydney Harbour shores or if they import frozen seafood from elsewhere.


Location That Is Authentically Spanish

It might sound like a generalization that does a disservice to new cooks born and bred in Australia, but most of the best paella eateries in Sydney will be run by authentically Spanish cooks. That heritage and expertise gives an inherent advantage and as a consumer, you should be seeking out those points to identify an establishment that is right for you.



There is no single solution to finding the best paella eateries in Sydney. A majority of patrons who are time conscious will settle on a quick Google look, but if you really want to invest a little bit more time to locate an outlet that offers value for money, then follow through on these points and ask some key questions of the front desk.






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