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How a Busy Light Could Revitalize Your Office

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How a Busy Light Could Revitalize Your Office

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The corporate world is incredibly competitive and cutthroat. Put simply, you can have a great, innovative business model or a ground-breaking new product that could make you a hell of a lot of money. The only problem is none of that means anything if you can’t effectively manage your time and resources in a way that is profitable for your enterprise. Indeed, you might be finding that your workers’ productivity and efficiency is not as high as it could be. This might be because of office distractions and poor concentration. This is where a busy light could be the difference. Essentially, a busy light is a small indicator placed on a worker’s desk that flashes a different colour; each colour represents a different degree of availability. So, let’s check out some of the advantages of these little time-saving indicators.


Time saver

Equipping each of your workers with a busy light is a great way of maximizing your time efficiency. This is because they will reduce the number of in-house distractions caused by neighbouring colleagues. Instead, each worker will be able to see that a fellow colleague is preoccupied, thereby leaving them to work for the required time. This is really important for those workers that are working on something incredibly vital and cannot be disturbed. It could be a conference call with a notable client or an annual report that needs to be finalised in a short time frame. Either way, a busy light is going to help prevent those interruptions and reduce time wasting.


More focus on the customer

The customer is always right. A majority of the most successful businesses have achieved long-term success by adopting a customer-centric approach. They put the customer at the forefront of their operations, so they are better able to adapt to the changing dynamics of the market. Imagine you’re on the phone with a client and you’re interrupted by a colleague regarding another matter. You delay the call; deal with the other problem and by the time you return to that call, the client has hung up, obviously upset with the lack of professionalism.

For most businesses, you simply can’t afford to be losing clients because you can’t devote your entire attention to them. With the use of a busy light, however, you’ll find that your clients will be more satisfied with their treatment since your workers are more focused and less distracted throughout the working day. This can help strengthen customer relationships and build your client network.


Productive culture

An impenetrable work culture is a corner store of long-term success and innovation. An environment where work is valued and respected is critical; it’s important to know the line between work and social time. By having clear distinctions, social time is appreciated to a greater extent. A workplace where your workers feel comfortable interrupting and not working will undermine productivity levels. Using a busy light will help ascertain that your workers respect one another and complete their tasks in accordance to set deadlines. Making sure that your workforce is productive and efficient will go a long way in cementing your business’ success.


Stronger reputation

The way your business is perceived in the public domain is integral. With the help of a busy light for each office desk, you’ll soon see your business’ brand image and reputation improving. You’ll quickly become the company that is favoured for its client compassion and professionalism. It’s really important to employ strategies that underpin your business’ reputation management. Staff complaints and negative online reviews could seriously dampen your ability to build brand loyalty and retain customers. Instead, install a busy light for every worker to help them remain dedicated and focused on the customer’s wants.

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