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A Few Tips For Updating Plain Jane Wardrobe Doors

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A Few Tips For Updating Plain Jane Wardrobe Doors

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The spirit of interior design is alive and well in the modern world, even the smallest wardrobe doors are being given the chance to be revamped and personalised in ways that were not thought possible even a few years ago. Yes, wardrobe doors, even the lesser noticed areas of the home can be dazzled and upgraded in ways that you would never expect.

There are a number of ways to facilitate this, while it does depend on the material and build of the wardrobe doors themselves, there are some that can only be facilitated on a particular type, style, or size. That being said there are also some interesting ways to spruce up your wardrobe doors that can apply to any material and type you can imagine, but more on that later.

Essentially, this article will go over some of the cooler ways to add some decadence to even the smallest of wardrobe doors, some of the cool tech updates that have surprisingly come from this area, and some fun ideas to try on your own set that have no prerequisite materials.

First Things First, The Tech

Everything is a ‘smart’ something or another now, even the home is being converted and analysed by the binary codes of internet providers so fast it can be hard to keep up. Wardrobe doors have found their way into the zeitgeist in small but useful ways, particularly for those who live in smaller spaces.

For instance, mirrors that you can purchase for wardrobe doors or bathrooms can come with a range of funky technology upgrades from smart screens to lighting setups. As it becomes easier to integrate lighting and electronics into mundane areas, wardrobe doors can be transformed into reflective paradises that are equipped with everything you need to get ready for a night out.

Some materials aren’t suited for some of the tech upgrades, particularly older timbers and structurally incompatible dressers may have a hard time coping with the excess weight or wiring that may be required to fully realise ambitious technology.

Fun Ideas To Try

Wardrobe doors

Of course, we don’t all have the money for such improvements all the time, even if the wardrobe doors get a wonderful upgrade in the process. However, there are a number of ways to spruce up your wardrobe doors, if you happen to have some old posters for instance, that can be a good retro addition you can easily stick on with some Blu-Tac.

If you happen to have a more artistic flair about yourself, and a few spare paints, you can try creating a mural of sorts on your dresser that is wholly you and incredibly vibrant – the best part about this particular avenue is that you have the carte blanche to paint whatever your heart desires, giving your dresser a tattoo that cannot be replicated, and adds a sense of personality to your existing interior.

Before You Begin

It’s all very exciting we know, however, be wary and be careful before you begin your journey of upgrading your wardrobe doors. Checking the materials should be the first thing you do before beginning; some paints are corrosive on certain materials which should be minded if you start painting them yourself.

Another factor is the size, particularly with the technological side of things, as the panels we mentioned are rather new to the market, the size compatibility is a major factor, taking a moment to measure out the current surface area you have to work with will save you headaches down the line, especially if you splurge and purchase a more advanced model.

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